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Propolis Vaporizer / Diffuser


2011, Dec


"For over 35 years I have been interested in propolis and wrote three books in Spanish on it ("Propolis, A Valuable Bee Product" in 1979, "Propolis, the Purple Gold of Bees" in 1988, 1991 and 2005, and "Cuban Research on Propolis" in 1988), and propolis is a very effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It's antiseptic capacities are effective against numerous bacteria, viruses and fungi.


For the human condition, a propolis vaporizer is the perfect natural solution to aid those with respiratory ailments and protecting and boosting the immune system. Best of all, it is totally complementary with other treatments.


Having a propolis vaporizer in your environment is a very positive addition to any home, office or clinic. I personally prefer the car vaporizer, as propolis is more directly concentrated inside the car and I can breath it while driving everywhere when I have any respiratory problem. But, of course, all vaporizers are effective and I recommend them."

(Moisés Asís, PhD, apitherapist, Miami, USA)






2011, Nov


As a family medical practitioner I know my office is exposed to numerous microbes, viruses and even mold daily. I cannot think of a better 24/7 solution to naturally sanitize my office and improve my breathing than with a propolis vaporizer. The importance of the propolis (excellent for the lungs and immune system) is its complementary functionality with other treatments.

From acupuncture to ayurveda and homeopathy to naturopathy, it is a valuable link to any holistic/integrative protocol.


Stefan Stangaciu, MD,

Family Medicine Specialist,

Licensed in Acupuncture and Api-Phytotherapy





2011, Sept


Heather Flynn Plude I use propolis in a diffuser... I think I got it from BeeHealthy Farms. Dr. Klinghardt recommends it... can't remember the reference but I feel it helps.

Tuesday at 12:52pm · 






2011, July

We are very satisfied with the mold reducing capability of the propolis diffuser that we purchased from you. After using the unit for 3 weeks we turned it off for a day and then re-tested the room and it was virtually mold free. The previous test we had done had produced a petri dish full of 40 or so mold spots of growth which told us we had a problem as reported to us by the testing lab. After using the unit for 3 weeks the next petri dish had only two spots of mold which is far less than even the outside air in New Orleans where we live. Thanks so much for a great product that is also chemical free and “green” to boot.

Best Regards,

Tim and Sharon Foley

New Orleans, LA






2010, March

I often do not comment to my suppliers about the products I purchase for my practice but I would love to recommend the Bee Healthy Farms propolis diffusers to everyone. 

All of my clients just love the natural benefits that they have experienced from using the Bee Healthy Farms propolis diffusers. Many of my allergy suffering clients have experienced tremendous relief. I have also found that this unit addressed many of their home air pollutants which are contributors to air quality problems. 

The units are easy to use and very reliable. The pleasant smell of the propolis that is dispersed from the unit is very soothing. I think every household should have one of these units. I have sold hundreds of these units to my client patients and each has been thrilled with the benefits of this unit. 

Thank you Bee Healthy Farms for such an excellent product! 

Michael Krizek, LMMT 6304 
Hawk Ridge Therapeutic and Medical Massage 
Asheville, NC 28803 




2011, Sept

"I have very positive feedback from the propolis suppositories and one girl was able to reverse her chronic pre-cancerous cervical dysplasia and is beyond thrilled."

F. Keller, Lic. Acupuncturist (Dipl. NCCA), Chinese Herbs & Nutritional Therapy




2009, Nov

Anyway, cheers to you, we love propolis! Keep up the good work. -Ingrid

Message Or Comments: Last year, I spoke with the gentleman who runs this company while he was in France, though his name is escaping me at the moment. We had a wonderful talk about politics and, well, humanity in general. I think he might remember if he heard I was in Colorado and married to a radio host who had just interviewed Obama at the time we spoke. Anyway, cheers to you, we love propolis! Keep up the good work. -Ingrid



2007, Feb

Dear Apiarists,

I was so glad to find your site, after thinking I had long since seen every propolis related one on the web. It is fun, and you have attempted to make it enriched with many aspects.

I am a huge fan of propolis and have used it since late '70's. I am very excited about the diffusers, and will save up for most versatile model!

Congratulations on a great life's work and wonderful product line.

Kathleen Lundstrom




2006, Dec

Will you please send me 500 tablets of Vegetarian Propolis tablets, 500 mg in bulk bags of 100ct tablets?
You might appreciate to know that my neighbour, whom I supply, cures her dogs and horses with Propolis.

Mr. Wagemakers
The Netherlands











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